When your boyfriend starts touching you and you hear “bring it arooooouuund toooownnm”


I feel like I’m holding you back but at the same time I love you more than anything and don’t want anyone else.


I bet you’re looking at this and thinking hmm not the best photo ever i mean it’s only a seafront and it’s ugly anyway. This photo was infact taken in the dead of night, the only reason it is bright is because i snapped the shutter down as soon as a flash of lightning hit. I was so astonished when these got developed that I actually managed to get a photo of it - especially on my 35mm film cameraSo yeah, my picture of a freak lightning storm



I can’t help but think the phrase “I love you” isn’t enough to express on how much I truly love you, it’s just so much more then that, so much more then just the phrase”I love you” and I wish there was another phrase, sentence or words to explain or express how much I do, but then again any…


are you gay? me too. here, i made this blog for us.

Friendship isn’t about who you’ve known the longest. It’s about who walked into your life, said “I’m here for you” and proved it.
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